Paradigm, Vol. 2 (2) (October, 2000) 

 Margaret Rees Teachers and Teaching 1800&endash;1860

Hitchin British Schools Trust, Occasional Paper No.1, August 1999, 40pp, £2.95 + 75p postage. ISBN 0-9536851-0-1

Reviewed by Ian Michael


This admirable booklet is written on a subject and in spirit very congenial to the Textbook Colloquium. It outlines the ideas and practices of the monitorial system of teaching as promoted by Joesph Lancaster and the British and Foreign School Society. The system is here exemplified by the surviving British School and associated buildings in Hitchin, which have been rescued and restored by strenuous private and public efforts. Pictures and quotations from contemporary textbooks and works on education are taken from the Jill Grey collection, part of the Hitchin endowment, which was described by Fiona Dodwell and Elizabeth Hunter in Paradigm No. 5, August 1991. Much is drawn from John Sandford’s Parochialia, or church, school and parish (1845) -- the title of which is misprinted throughout -- and from the better-known Richard Dawes and Samuel Wilderspin. There are 11 pictorial illustrations as well as a terrifying picture on the cover.

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