Paradigm, No. 1 (November, 1989)

"A Diet of Racist Mythology"

J. A. Mangan

Jordanhill College of Education,
Southbrae Drive,
Glasgow, G 13 1PP


The issue of Racism is one of great current importance, interest and discussion in academic communities throughout the world. The literature of Racism is now extensive. However, there are sizable and important omissions in the many publications available. Despite frequent assertions about the need to understand the historical roots of racism, no sustained attention has been paid to the role of the imperial curriculum, and within the curriculum to the school textbook, in the promulgation of racial stereotypes, the creation of ethnocentric attitudes and the labelling of colonial peoples. Work now in course of publication constitutes the first comparative analysis of racial attitudes in the formal schooling of former dominion and colony.

Mangan, J. A. 'A Diet of Racist Mythology? Textbooks, Curriculum and Imperialism (Manchester University Press, forthcoming).


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