Paradigm, No. 1. (November, 1989)

M. J. Godwin and Co. 1805-25

Margaret Kinnell

Dept of Library and Information Technology
Loughborough University of Technology,
Loughborough, Leics LE1 1 3TU


William Godwin's skirmishes with the children's book trade exemplify more graphically than almost any other publisher's experiences the relationship between the development of a literature for children and a flourishing text-book trade. Godwin's publishing and bookselling venture had the advantage of close links with some of the literary giants of the period -- and also from booktrade applications. In the end, it was his failure to develop these trade relationships and to capitalise on the expanding school market which led to its failure to develop a more broadly based contribution to children's literature -- as well as the inevitable loss of his text-book list.

 M. Kinnell 'Childhood and children's literature: the case of M. J. Godwin and Co., 1805-25'. Publishing History, 24, 1988, pp. 77-88.


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