The Little Eagles (textbook for the third and fourth year of primary education) was written and published in October 1944 by a group of teachers working in the Pedagogic Phrontistirion (teacher-training establishment) in Tyrna, Western Thessaly. The Phrontistirion was established by the Secretary of Education of the Political Committee of National Liberation of the left Greek Resistance with the purpose of organising an educational framework in the non-occupied regions of Greece. The textbook was apparently written for the most part by Rosa Imvriotis, Director of the Phrontistirion and well-known teacher, who had studied in Athens, France and Germany and taken part in the inter-war educational reforms. The illustration is attributed to an anonymous colleague or student of Imvriotis in Tyrna.

[This information was kindly supplied by Professor Christina Koulouri, co-author of the report on textbook studies in Greece appearing in this number. Ed.]