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Department of Curriculum and Instruction
College of Education
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
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Teaching, learning and science are all fundamentally about relationships--between people and between people and things. These relationships are developed, they change and evolve over time, as an interplay between those involved (both animate and inanimate), as each side of the relationship is affected by the other. Relationships begin with statements (implicit or explicit) of assumptions and of purposes. As the relationships alter, assumptions are challenged and changed, purposes grow and shift direction.

In both my teaching and my research on teaching, I am interested in examining the connections constructed between people. I feel that at the heart of teaching are relationships--between people, between people and things, between people and ideas. These relationships are both culturally constrained and subject to our conscious re-creation. In my own research I explore such connections, thinking about how connections are constructed and maintained. In my teaching, I ask students to also examine these relationships from both a critical and creative perspective. I wish my students to come to a deeper understanding of teaching and to recognize that as a teacher they can construct a role which portrays aspects of relationships that they consciously choose.

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C&I 399 -- Summer 1998: Integrating science and language arts teaching.


C&I 490--Section FCP: Exploring feminist, critical and progressive pedagogies in the context of the subject matters

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C&I 490--Section TAS: Teaching and Doing Art and Science

C&I 490--Section TL: Teacher as Learner


C&I 407--Section DL: Diverse Learners and Subject Matter Teaching


C&I 407--Section ITL: Inquiry Teaching and Learning

C&I 340 Section EC: Principles and Practices in Science Education




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